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Saturday, February 10, 2018

How Far Did Your Car Roll? Pre-K and K

If you give 3 and 4 year old children some cars, an empty cardboard tube, and blocks, what do you think will happen?

They will naturally set up the cardboard tube and blocks to make an incline.  They will want to see the car roll through the tube and how far the car will travel. Next, they will want to compete against other students. 
“My car will go farther than your car!”

Through teacher intervention, instead of hearing students comment, “My car went farther than yours,” you can hear, “My car went farther. It went to the 10 and yours went to the 8.”
 What materials must you add? 
 A number line including a visual ten frame.

Next, let students explore for several days. Then ask them to record what they found out with this recording sheet and a marker.
Students color in the number line to show how far their car traveled. 

Then extend the experience by adding  a small and large car to the center. In whole group discuss that fact that there are going to be 2 size cars now to experiment with. 
“Does the size of the car matter?”
Again, let student explore this idea.
Lastly, discuss in whole group,does the size of the car also effects the WEIGHT of the two cars. I used a food scale and weighed the cars in front of the group to see if one car weighs more than the other. 
Discuss: Why does the weight matter?


I loved doing this experiment with a group of native spanish speakers in a Pre-K class. 
 If you would like to do it with your students, it will be  available in my Teacher Pay Teacher store soon.  All the response sheets and ten frames are done for you in both English and Spanish for only $2.00.


Tuesday, January 30, 2018

A Fun Way to Learn Letter Patterns in Your Name

While working in a Developmental Preschool Classroom, I noticed the center in which students work on letter formation.  That doesn't sound like much fun, but the teacher was working hard to make it as enjoyable as possible.  

Just imagine a young boy trying to learn how to spell his name...
 C H R I S T O P H E R.

Since the next thematic unit is transportation, I decided to make him a special surprise. 
His very own parking lot with lettered cars.  
As he drives the cars into the parking spaces, he will be repeating this letter pattern in a fun way.
 Here is the parking lot, complete with individual parking spots for each car. 

I hope it makes 
F U N !

By the way, I don't want you to think this activity is only for boys.
I made a parking garage for 


Monday, January 29, 2018

"Think Out Loud Cap" to Promote Verbal Language Development in Children.

These materials were used in a Developmental Preschool that encouraged students to verbalize their thoughts to promote language growth. 

 That is the reason for the “Think Out Loud Cap.”  When I modeled thinking out loud and sharing my thoughts, I would put on the “Think Out Loud Cap.”  My plan was to concretely show student how to share their thoughts and ideas.
 I wanted more details!
Now, I couldn't have every student wear a hat like this, or share my hat with the speaker because of head lice concerns.  So I made a laminated  “Think Out Loud Cap” Card. 
 The students were encouraged to think out loud when I  handed  them the laminated “I am thinking” card. 

By the way, the blank cap was purchased at Hobby Lobby for about $2.50.  It actually had head breathing holes sewn in the fabric and that is how I stuck the pipe cleaners out through the hat.


Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Proper Nouns All About You

 I've been tutoring a 2nd Grader and a 3rd Grader in writing. 
We have been editing our writing and that lead to a short lesson about Proper Nouns.  I created this worksheet to create a connection between themselves and Proper Nouns.  I think it made a difference, so I thought I would share it with you.  
Let me know, in the comment section, if it helped your students or not.        

Monday, April 24, 2017

April Calendar: Two Dimensional Attributes

The April Calendar features two dimensional shapes. 

 Each week a different shape is featured, but they look different. 

This difference leads to a discussion about what attributes make a particular shape.  

Here's another way to change up counting the days of school. 
 Each day is worth one penny.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

March Calendar Idea

I laminated this calendar so I could actually draw the weather pictures on each day.

Next, we took it a step further and predicted the weather for the next day. "Likely"... not  "What do you think the weather will be like tomorrow?"  Why? 
Likely is the correct terminology to use when discussing  probability.  Likely leads to 'most likely' and 'least likely," if you have a split K/1 or 1/2 class. 

How do you change your calendar discussions 
at this time of the year?


Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Grade K or 1st: Fraction Pizza Center

Here is an idea for a quick math center. 
 How do you cut these pizzas to share them equally? 
They are fun to make out of play-dough also in a kitchen center.
My granddaughter had 2 friends over for a sleep-over and we made individual pizzas.  So each child cut their pizza with a fun pizza cutter utensil to show how they would share their pizza with 2, 3, and 4 friends.  
By the way, my granddaughters laugh when I ask them to do things like this because they know I love sharing math with them.

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